“Product marketing.”  More often than not, product marketing equates to “Sales support staff” or “product promotion” in early-to-mid-stage technology companies.  In other words, “data sheets” and “press releases.”  And, while both are useful functions, neither delivers the amount of value to a young company that a complete product marketing capability can provide.  A complete product marketing function - encompassing product definition, pricing, go-to-market plans, selling plans and support, and product promotion - is the bridge between technology and revenue.  Because complete product marketing is more about identifying, defining and creating paths to revenue than it is about making collateral for the Sales force.  A strong product marketing capability makes product development more efficient, shortens the timeline to new revenues, and increases product profitability.  Great product marketing converts a company’s core technologies into the revenues and profitability that defines the company’s success.

In the technology industry, great product marketing is rare.  Apple defines great product marketing - all aspects of products are tailored to a well-understood target customer base, priced for the customer base and promoted in ways that appeal to the customer base.  Vincio’s approach to product marketing for early and mid-stage technology companies leverages the breadth and depth of our experience in creating technology companies.  We work with the client’s management and technology teams in defining products and executing paths to well-defined markets that create commercial success.

We do all this with a minimum of direct involvement with the client’s staff.  The sections below detail each of the five areas of expertise that enable Vincio to deliver a uniquely high-value turnkey product marketing service to its clients.

Product strategy is the most overlooked aspect of taking a new product to market - or in expanding the revenue opportunity for an existing product.  TAM and market share analysis of customers and competitors is just the starting point for a successful product strategy.  Identifying partner opportunities, defining a product’s value in each potential segment, targeting specific customers - a well-conceived product strategy summarizes data and information into an action plan   Case Study

Press releases and trade journal articles are broadcast techniques for promoting your products - they go out, but is anyone reading them? Or acting on them? Vincio uses a proven email campaign technique that drives trackable visitors to your website - and allows us to drive interaction with them.  At response rates in excess of 25%.  Have you ever had a customer respond to a press release?  Case Study

Understanding technology is what separates Vincio apart from traditional product marketing resources.  We have over 60 years of experience with a wide range of technologies in the communications, semiconductors, defense and consumer electronics industries.  We’ve taken technologies from pure concept to production revenues - defining or redefining markets along the way.  Case Study

Customer development is where the rubber meets the road.  Having started or managed numerous startups and advised more, we realize that selling product is one thing, but identifying and developing customers that will value your products is what separates successful companies from the also-rans.  We leverage our professional networks along with public information to profile and target the kinds of customers that will drive product success.  We work with your Sales force in helping them convert targets into revenue.   Case Study

Anticipating the competition derives from understanding the competition.  And understanding the competition goes way, way beyond anecdotal stories from the Sales force or a competitor’s latest press release or website update.  At best, these approaches keep you one R&D cycle behind.  At worst, they misdirect your strategy and put your company’s future at risk.   Case Study


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