Between us, the principals at Vincio have over 50 years of experience with commercializing technology products across all stages of startup, private and public companies.  Our product marketing backgrounds cover the full expanse of technology sources - from defining opportunity for university research to redirecting existing product technologies within divisions of Fortune 500 companies for new markets.  We’ve worked with in-house product development teams as well as leveraged our networks to bring in expert product design resources when required.

Regardless of client, opportunity, or technology, we bring a uniquely quantitative, analytical approach to product definition.  Combined with our extensive technical backgrounds, this approach has a long history of yielding highly effective product plans that penetrate their targeted markets and rapidly generate profitable revenues.

John Brewer, Jr.


  1. 27 years in wireless industry as engineer, product marketer, strategic marketer, business and corporate development executive, CEO

  2. History of success in startups, small companies, divisions of Fortune 500 companies

  3. Particular experience in "turn-around" situations, repositioning existing technologies as well as converting overlooked or undervalued technologies into leading revenue and profit generators

  4. Busdev successes in North America, Europe, SE Asia, Japan geographies

  5. Specializes in executing opportunities for unproven technologies, focusing on specific product strategies for rapid growth to sustainable market positions

  6. Excellent network of engineering, marketing, sales, busdev colleagues in US, Europe as well as senior business, technical staff in key APAC OEMs, ODMs


BS, Electrical Engineering, Santa Clara University

Favorite Quote

“The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flab, dishwater utterings of the man who has to be pointed out to intelligent foreigners as the President of the United States.”

Chicago Times, 20 November 1863, commenting on Abraham Lincoln’s Gettsyburg Address



  1. 30 years on Wall Street in senior roles including General Securities Principal, Financials Operations Principal and Asset Manager, as well as serving on the capital commitment committees of several firms

  2. 12 years as a consultant to entrepreneurs and early-stage companies supporting business planning and seed-level fundraising; has served as CEO and/or CFO for several clients

  3. Specializes in identifying strategic factors and opportunities for maximizing company growth, and driving execution to results

  4. Key strengths include financial and strategic management, needs assessment, financial modeling, strategic planning and risk evaluation

  5. Currently holds Associate Faculty position in the Business and Management Department at Marylhurst University (Portland, OR)


BA, Dartmouth College

MA, Portland State University

Favorite Quote

“...profitability is for wimps.  It means your business plan wasn’t aggressive enough.  It’s OK to lose a lot of money, as long as it was on purpose.”

Poppy, in a 25 August 1998 appearance in G.B. Trudeau’s “Doonesbury”



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